A FinTech 2.0 Company Creating Strategic Financial Solutions

Axius is a specialized global FinTech 2.0 company. We are working with our customers to “design, develop, and deploy” state-of-the-art financial solutions that connect a world of financial institutes, marketplaces and exchanges, and individuals together (B2B and B2E).

Axius is a disruptive financial technology company that is combining best-of-breed technologies to reimagine the future and create FinTech 2.0. We are developing NEW digital financial transaction methodologies by creating a FinTech 2.0 platform.

Axius digital transactions include big data analysis methods for businesses (SME’s) to understand consumer predictability. This represents the largest strategic growth of the Axius digital financial platform.

We work with our clients who are “underserved, unbanked, or underbanked” to implement financial solutions that require domestic and international financial products and services, where development in new financial technology is changing the way they conduct business and live their lives.

There are countless moving parts in the electronic payments industry, but Axius helps our customers navigate financial transactions at all levels, from sponsor banks and acquirer compliance to end-user and end-customer payment solutions. Axius has simple and secure solutions that enable nearly any business or individual to accept currencies globally.

We have found that the collective knowledge of our experiences with payment processors, technology firms, negotiations, cost analysis, operations, process training, international and alternative payments, mobile payments, and e-commerce has consistently benefited our clients.

As industry people with more than 160 years of collective experience in the payments and technology space, we decided to share what we've learned from our own successes and challenges with those tasked with finding better, faster, and scalable ways of transacting movement of money exchanges.

Axius Management Team

Axius has put together a world-class team to drive and grow the FinTech 2.0 strategy worldwide. Each executive brings relevant strategic and pragmatic experience which de-risks the implementation of the FinTech 2.0 plan significantly.

Dr. Bruce Thompson, MBA, PhD President & COO; Resides in the USA and Canada

Dennis Allan SVP Global Field Development; Resides in the UK